February 15, 2021
Dear valued Customers and Partners,
We suppose you already have a clear feeling of the difficulties that are currently affecting the ocean shipping industry. The present troubles originated with Covid-19 and the lockdown of the past year slowed down all of the activities pertaining to the shipping. Later, when the demand began to raise again in the fourth quarter of 2020, all of the troubles worsened and revealed their seriousness. The main issues that we are facing at the moment are:
• Ports’ congestion with consequent decrease of their productivity.
• Long waiting time of the vessels before docking and being able to load-unload the containers at the port terminals, thus creating delays of their schedules.
• All of the operations relating to the inland haulage of the containers did considerably drop.
• Steamship lines are no more capable to keep the regular turning flow of the containers, thus causing derangement of their movements.
• All the above is generating a heavy shortage of room on vessels and equipment availability.
We will do our best in order to keep offering a satisfying service to our Customers, however it is consequent that we will face difficulties in doing so, that’s why we expect increases of all of the charges relating to transportation: ocean freight, handling, inland transportation, and so forth. You will certainly agree with us that it is impossible to foresee the development of such a situation, however it is now imperative to fully understand the scenario we are currently operating in. Kind regards