Since the XIX the century, bill of ladings did not only indicate details of every merchandise on board. They used to invoke the Divine providence in order to protect the vessel and its crew during the long journey.

At that time it was really necessary for salesmen to be held in great esteem by the Good Lord. Perils were several, not to mention air shipments: from first unpressurized planes flown by courageous pilots up to contemporary air giants carrying huge volumes absolutely unthinkable a few years before.

A lot of time went by since then, the world evolved and goods' shipment alongside with it; nowadays thousands of vessels and planes cross oceans and skies without generating any surprise within us all.
Thanks to new technologies, peoples are now closer than ever by frequent trades: both cultural and commercial.

We as Leonardi have been daily living our mission with passion for half a century, back from the birth of containers to the giantism of last generation container ships; from the first punched tape telex up to computerized communications in real time and any other aspect progress offered us.

During our path, Leonardi has always been motivated by the love for our job and by the excitement for future challenges. What we learnt in so many years of experience is our professional heritage which we offer to our customers.

Leonardi.......shipping the future